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Hullo my loves! πŸ’‹

If I hadn’t forgotten to make a New Years resolution this would be it: do what you love. And what do I love? Well asides from makeup and history, I love to write and talk, so making a blog seems pretty logcial doesn’t it? Still, I’m slightly scared to have people reading and judging my thoughts but maybe that’s beginners nerves! I’m not entirely sure what I’ll write but expect to see makeup and maybe a cheeky bit of poetry! Thank you always to my family and friends for the support, I love you always!

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The world ~ a poem πŸŒŽπŸŒ

Hullo lovelies!!!

I hope you’re all well and have had a lovely week! This is an old poem I wrote, hope you enjoy! ✨

The world ~

Stars leave me breathless

The moon makes me dance

Rivers are wild and exciting

While mountains are awe inspiring

The world inspires me everyday

While the law of attraction goes to work

Allowing me to believe in me

Knowing the future is bright

Until I turn to dust

And the world continues on

Have the best week all of you!!!

Love, Kirsty ox

Which eyeshadow palettes and shades are best for your eye colour? πŸ‘πŸ’œ

Hello lovelies!!!

I hope you’re all well and are having a wonderful week! This post had been a long time in the making! For agesssss I’ve been wanting to right about what colour eyeshadows suit each eye colour, while giving examples of palettes that will be good for every budget and each eye colour! So let’s get started!

Blue eyes ~ the recommended shades to really make those beautiful blue eyes pop are as follows, oranges, peaches, browns. I find that an orange and brown smokey eye combined with blue eyes is breathtaking! Palettes that I would recommend for blue eyes are: 1) Morphe 15D, 2) Mac Warm Neutrals, 3) Too Faced Sweet Peach, 4) Revolution Ultra, 5) Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts.

Hazel eyes ~ well aren’t you lucky having Hazel eyes, they’re so pretty! A truly versatile eye colour to make them pop you can choose from gold, cream, dark green, brown, purple! I think gold looks stunning with Hazel eyes to bring out the yellow tints and green hue! Palettes i would recommend: 1) Marc Jacobs Edgitorial, 2) Urban Decay Naked original, 3) Revolution fortune favours the brave, 4) Morphe 35R, 5) too faced chocolate bar.

Brown Eyes ~ the sultry and stunning brown eyes!!!! Brown eyes go with lots of colours but in order to bring them out to their full effect, try shades like purple, green, gold, navy! I personally think purple is so beautiful with brown eyes! The kind of palette I think you should get are: 1) Morphe 35P (of course), 2) Natasha Denona palette 28 (this is reallllly pricey though so definitely not for a budget), 3) Dior 208, 4) Hourglass colourfield, 5) Stila Eyes are the window.

Grey Eyes ~ my sister has grey eyes and I’m honestly so jealous, they’re sooooo beautiful and rare! To make grey eyes stand out colours that really work are, lavender, plum, orange, red. Palettes for grey eyes include: 1) Morphe 35P (okay lavender eyeshadow is difficult to find), 2) ABH modern Renaissance, 3) violet voss hashtag, 4) too faced everything nice, 5) Laura mercier artist palette.

Green ~ ahhhhh and this is where I really know my stuff because I too have green eyes! I’ve found that reds, pinks and purples are definitely the best for green eyes ~ if I’m late and I don’t really have time to do proper eyeshadow but what my eyes to stand out just using one shade that’s red or pink works wonders. If you’re brace enough red and pink eyeshadow will change your life if you have green eyes, the redder my eyeshadow the more compliments I get on my eye colour! Palettes for green eyes are: 1) Urban Decay Naked 3 (my go to I have NO time palette), 2) Morphe x Jaclyn hill, 3) ABH modern Renaissance, 4) Jeffree star Androgyny, 5) urban decay Naked Heat, 6) tarte in bloom.


Examples of red making my green eyes POP.

A general tip for anyone with light eyes is that smokey eyes and dark shadows really really make your eyes pop, so I would recommend trying a smokey eye out (maybe including some of the above colours)! I hope this was helpful and let me know if you want more palette suggestions or what palettes you like for your eye shades!

Love, Kirsty ox

China ~ poem πŸ’›

Hullo lovelies!

I hope you’re all well! I’m currently sat in the airport waiting to fly to France, so I thought I’d read some of my poetry that I have on my phone, and this one stood out! So I thought I’d share it πŸ’›

I constantly wonder

Why one persons opinion

Can matter so much to me.

It’s like I’m a piece of china

And without careful handling

I’ll shatter.

Then, you’ll brush me under the carpet

Forgetting I ever existed

While I remain in pieces

Never good enough for you

Until someone moves the carpet

And puts me back together

They’ll look after me

And I won’t shatter.

But I’ll never forget you

And the way you held me.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Kirsty ox

Jamsu makeup trick review

Hullo lovelies!

I hope you’re all well and have had an amazing week! If you keep up with my blog then I had a good one despite being on my own ahaha!

But enough of that, this is an important post! I was scrolling through Facebook when an ad came up. Now I would normally ignore them but this one caught my attention straight away. It was a video about the Korean beauty trick called Jamsu. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is the trend of covering your face with powder, after you’ve done your skin makeup, and then dunking it in water!!!! I always thought this was a crazy idea, after all how could water help keep your makeup on. However, this video I watched, the girl did it and claimed it worked and that’s when I knew I had to put it to the test.

So, not wanting to ruin my makeup and not have time to redo it, I decided to try at the end of the day. Although the idea is that you only do this with your skin makeup, not after you have a full face on. So, the first thing I did was take my Cody Air Spun powder and cover my entire face in powder (as this was at the end of the day I also applied it to my eyelids and lips to see what happens to your eyes as well. This left me looking….. interesting as well as my clothes covered in powder.

Then I filled my sink with cold water, contemplating if I was actually going to attempt this. After this brief contemplation I dunked my head in the cold water ~ I have dry skin so I kept my head in for 25 seconds, if you have combo skin, normal skin or oily skin the advice is 30 seconds. After being submerged in icy water, I withdrew my head, grabbed a towel and gently patted my face, before turning to the mirror. That was when I realised, with amazement, that my skin looked FLAWLESS and matte. Now I don’t Day this lightly, i love my foundation to be matte and so I have very high standards for mattification, but it actually worked and made my skin sooooo smooth! My advice, however, is definitely don’t do it with eyemakeup on as, although it didn’t run thanks to the powder I put on, it took away all the shimmer on my eyelids and the highlighter on face. Therefore, I would definitely recommend doing this, but just with foundation applied I think for the best results! But in all honestly I was astounded that this really works, you’ll have to try it for yourselves to see!

So that’s it for today!!! I hope you have a wonderful week and let me know if you try this (I apologise for the awful photos of myself but I wanted you to see how matte it is)!

Love, Kirsty ox

Stronger than I was

Hullo lovelies!

‘I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand’ ~ Iris, Goo Goo Dolls.

So I had my friend over from England this weekend and it was really nice apart from one moment ~ a guy told me that I was fat and ugly. And it was like being punched in the face, repeatedly. You see I’ve always had weight issues that ruined my self esteem and this low self esteem has massively contributed to my life, the way I perceive things and contributed positively to my determination to support those around me. So recently I’ve been eating salad and running every day to try and loose weight and I’ve had much better self esteem. Also, I really wanted to pick up some of the modelling opportunities I’ve had, especially after loosing some weight. Plus being in Spain has majority helped me to realise that I will never be good enough for some people back in England, but at the end of the day that is their loss. Therefore, to be told that I’m fat and ugly didn’t really sit very well with me, in fact it brought back a lot of emotions I’ve been slowly getting over for the last three years. Not only that but I find it really difficult to talk about as it’s so embarrassing for me, to think that THAT is how people perceive me and have my worst fears confirmed. This meant I couldn’t talk to my friends about it because they’re all stunning, recognised by society, and so they would never have experienced something like this and so to talk about it to them would be mortifying.

My first reaction was very me, I thought to myself I’m just going to hold my head up high and ignore it. Then I started to assess the implications, like clearly that’s how people perceive me and no wonder people in the past haven’t wanted to be friends with me if that’s what I am. Which makes the spiral happen into negativity and makes it really difficult to even leave the house because that’s clearly how people view me. It also makes me realise that some of the hopes I’ve had for the future are clearly stupid, I need to lower my expectations πŸ˜‚

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me but it is the first time I’ve actually talked about it. And it breaks my heart that one comment can take me from a positive place to a negative place but it is a reminder that everything we say affects people. Now I’m in for a difficult week as I’m on my own with no uni and my friends here in Madrid have gone home for Easter, which means I’m going to need everything ounce of my positivity to pull me through. Also, going to see my friends in Toulouse has had some of the shine taken out of it because I’m already so aware of the attractiveness differences between us, but this adds to it. However, after the negative dip I’m sure I will only come out stronger and more determined to accept who I am.

So this is a reminder to always think about what you say before you say it, and if you judge someone for their appearance then you should take MJs advice and look in the mirror. As for anyone that has experienced similar nasty comments from anyone, hold your head up my love because you are more than just one comment, you’re more than how you look in the mirror and you’re more than the sad people who only value appearance. Instead of being upset by them, feel sorry for them that they are so insecure about themselves that they have to put other people down to feel good about themselves and their own looks. And if someone doesn’t want you because you aren’t attractive enough, fuck them because they clearly aren’t good enough for you.

I’m ready to battle the negativity and get back to my positivity. I think this is a good time to share,


I always considered if it exists

Then I met you

And I knew it did

But you left.


And my idea of love with you.

Until I realised,

It was possibly to love

Not only another person,

But myself.

Because we are all worthy of love

Especially from ourselves.

And that’s when I knew,

Love can exist

Even when it’s not from you.

Also Paramore, Hate to see your heart break is a really appropriate song for this post ❀️

Love always, Kirsty ox

I make mistakes

Hullo loves!!!!

Ahhhh I’ve been thinking (amazing I know), and you know when something just hits you and you realise that you’ve been too self obsessed of late. Sometimes I majorly let my pride get in the way, and when it comes to people who need your support never let pride get in the way. If they don’t reply to you at least you’ve tried your best and they know that you’re there if they need you! With the people I care about the most I often let my pride get in the way, it’s not the first time I’ve made this mistake and I should have learnt when I was younger. So this poem is an apology – to the people I should have been there for more in my life (particularly my mum in the past and friends in the present), and a promise not to let my pride get in the way and be less self obsessed. It’s better to have your pride hurt than for another person to be hurting alone ❀️

~Not my first mistake

I have to apologise.

Sometimes I speak before I think

And you mean the world to me

So it’s even worse.

I didn’t stop to consider

That your head is a mess

And you’re working through stuff

While trying to play it cool.

And I just want you to know

That I’m always here

If you want to talk

Or for a hug

Or just some teasing

And that will never change.

It could be the stupidest thing

Or we could figure the world out

Or just talk about you

But I’m here for all that

And I’m sorry I failed you.

Normally it’s so easy to talk to people

But it’s never been with you.

Even so, I just want you to know

That you’re beautiful in every way,

And I made mistakes

I was too focused on me,

Not on you, the one who needs me.

I never learnt how to ask if you’re okay

So I apologise

And I’m here for you

No matter when

I’ll be there to hold you tight.

Love, Kirsty ox

Integrity πŸ₯€

Hullo loves!!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! Personally, in the words of Dayana, mine was so lovely! I have some amazing friends in Madrid this term and so many exciting things planned (e.g. I’m going to tutor a bundle of joy English through Spanish and she’s going to tutor me Mandarin)! Butttt you all know what Sunday means! Poem day 😍😍😍 Today was about facing another part of my journey and I found this really difficult to write and think about, but you have to recognise things to work through them! I hope you all have a lovely next week, everyday is a gift! Yep, even Monday! πŸ’›


Most days are good days

And then you hit a bad one

And it’s like the whole world crashes down

I remember that I’m not cool

And I’ll never fit in

That people think my positivity is odd

And it hurts more than you can know

That I was never cool enough for you

And not even as a friend

Cause I’m too enthusiastic

And I’ll throw myself into everything

And I want to help everybody I can

But this comes at a price

I’ll never be like everybody else

Sometimes people laugh at me

And the pain when it’s even your family

And some days it’s so hard

I never cared until I met you

And I just wanted you to like me

And when I had it thrown in my face

It broke me and I knew I had to get away

But now I’ll never be the same

As part of me wants to leave the uncool and enthusiastic girl behind

The girl who lights up so many worlds

Instead, I want to be someone you’d like

And who is cool and beautiful

And people admire

But I don’t think I can be that if it means compromising my integrity

So I’ll just have to be me

And accept that people like you

Will never be friends with people like me

Love, Kirsty ox

Self Care tips πŸŒ»πŸ’›

Hullo loves!!!

I’m so sorry I haven’t written for a while; I’m in uni every day for eight hours and I’m studying hard as I want good grades! And that got me thinking, even if you’re a positive person like me, everyone has really bad days when you have to take care of yourself! It’s not something to be ashamed of at all, and it doesn’t matter if you have more or less bad days than someone else, there’s no right and wrong! So I thought I’d share with you guys some of the things I do when I’m having a bad day or week to cheer myself up.

🌻 I change my bedding ~ yep, this IS the first tip. But come on is there anything better than taking a hot shower and slipping into fresh sheets?! When I’m having a bad time I change my sheets even more regularly than normal, sometimes weekly or every five days as this will improve your sleeping, as well as being a relaxing experience and making you feel fresh (make sure you take lots of showers too to help you calm down).

🌻 The next thing I do to cheer up is make a playlist of all the songs I want to listen to in that moment, sit or lie down, and just listen to them. Not do anything else but just let the music take me away ~ almost like meditating but just with music. The music expresses the emotions for you allowing you to feel refreshed. Plus music just makes everything better and reminds you other people have felt the same way!

🌻 Do something you LOVE. I know this is clichΓ©, but honestly (for me) if I get out a notebook and start writing poems or songs or singing I feel so much better as it gives me a creative release and sometimes an emotional one. I would recommend things that are active rather than passive, as if you’re just watching tv say, it’s easy to slip back into remembering that you’re sad, especially applicable in the day.

Everyone has that thing that they enjoy doing and if you don’t know it yet here are some things you could try ~ writing (stories? A diary? A blog? Poetry?), exercise (dancing? Running? Jogging? Walking? Skipping?), cooking/baking, reading, cleaning (I’m trying to provide for everyone πŸ˜‚), playing a sport or an instrument, drawing/painting, sewing….. there’s a long list of active things to do!

🌻 Talk of out with someone. This is where I need to take my own advice!!!! Sometimes it’s really really difficult to talk about how you feel ~ it makes you feel selfish and so worse about yourself. However, that is completely not true! Think about how you would feel if one of your closest friends didn’t share with you that they were upset, but just kept it to themselves and felt worse than ever! Personally I’d be upset that they were upset. This should make you see that your friends WANT to know what’s wrong with you or if you’re having a bad day ~ that’s part of being a friend. If they don’t want to know what’s up with you then bin them. I’m being serious, they aren’t worthy of your time if they don’t care about you! Don’t put effort into people that don’t put it into you! So yeah, just give them a text saying ‘hey I’m not feeling too great today can I talk to you about it’ and if they’re your friend they won’t mind a bit and you’ll feel so much better after, like load has been lifted.

🌻 Okay this is something that helps me ~ I look at photos with my friends and family where I’m really happy or I feel like I look nice in them. This reminds me of two things; firstly, that there are people out there who love me and care for me, and I love and care for them. Plus it helps me to remember the joy I felt at that time! The second thing is that, particularly for me when my down days are nearly always about my appearance, it reminds me that I’m the same girl who looked nice in that photo. This clearly means that I do look nice on some occasions so I shouldn’t beat myself up about it just because I’m not feeling myself on that particular day. It’s just one day of many!

🌻 Finally (for the moment because I feel like this is a long post) ~ make sure you get plenty of sleep! You can help do this by turning off your electric devices half an hour before you go to sleep, reading a book, taking a shower/bath (with bubble bath), listening to podcasts (s/o Fran), listening to music, mediating, drinking a hot drink (not tea or coffee though, preferably something milk based or a hot toddy which is boiling water, lemon juice, sugar and optionally whiskey) etc. These help relax you and make you sleepy, making it easier to sleep in general!

So I hope these tips help you on your down day! Remember that you are loved and remember to support those around you as you’d want to be supported! If you want any more tips I have some more so let me know! Sleep well loves! 🌻🌻🌻

Love, Kirsty ox

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That’s just me ~ a poem

Hullo lovelies!!!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! Personally I have had a good week! I was reunited with one of my best friends in the world back here in Madrid! I still have to text some of my friends in the UK that I miss though. And I’ve been listening to some of the best songs I think I’ve ever heard (I’m going to list them later just in case you want to check them out). Is anyone else obsessed with music? I will have it on over the TV any day!

So it’s Sunday and you all know what that means on my blog…… poem day! This one is about how it’s okay to be emotional, we sometimes stop ourselves because we are too scared of how other people will react. But it’s okay to cry and it’s amazing to laugh, laugh as loud as you want, whenever you want!

~ That’s just me

I care too much.

I feel too much.

When I’m sad I’m drowning,

When I’m happy I’m the sun beaming,

When I’m angry I’m a volcano erupting,

I’m a whirlwind of emotions.

Not just feeling my own,

But feeling those of everyone around me.

Leaving me breathless with their force.

Yes, I feel too much,

And I care too much,

But it’s better than feeling nothing at all.

So that’s today thought! And if you’re interested in the songs (they’re more soul and rocky I’d say);

It’s Amazing ~ Jamie Campbell Bower

Hold on to what you believe ~ Jamie Campbell Bower

Caught out in the rain ~ Beth Hart

Setting me Free ~ Beth Hart

In your hands ~ Greta La (this is the SoundCloud link below)

So I hope you like the poem and the songs! Also I wish you a wonderful weekend and week!

Love, Kirsty ox

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