Queen of hearts palette

Hullo lovelies!

Today I thought I’d discuss a palette that is well known in the makeup world – the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette. This palette retails for £45, includes 12 shades and is 0.05oz per shade (definitely comparable to other 12 shade palettes like the Tarte ‘In bloom’ palette which is 0.053oz per shade and is around the same price, $46). The palette is a mix of metallic, matte and glitter shades. Here is a photo of it:IMG_5824

And another:


Okay so first things first, it’s such a stunning palette to look at, you can immediately see why it’s so popular in beauty circles. When I opened it I think I gasped a little bit! The palette also performs really well – the mattes are incredibly creamy and pigmented, making it easy to blend them. I also love the glitters and shimmers in this palette! Although be warned that Your Majesty is more orange and Noblewoman more pink than they look in the pan (or maybe it’s me hahaha). My favourite shade in the palette is definitely Royal Highness which is a stunning silvery purple and looks beautiful on the eye. So far I created my favourite look doing a halo eye with Royal Prerogative in the crease, inner and outer corners, Duchess in the inner and outer corner, Dethrone in the inner and outer corner, Royal Highness in the centre of the eye and Crown in the tear duct.

So are there any negatives? Well for me the lack of  a light matte to set my primer and a dark matte are slightly annoying and mean that I couldn’t travel with this palette alone. However, it is such a beautiful and pigmented palette and I LOVE it! Highly recommend!

Overall: 4 Stars

Let me know what you think of it if you have it and if you want to see swatches! Love, Kirsty ox

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