Green smokey eye using Morphe X Jaclyn Hill

Hullo lovelies!

Like a lot of people, I am a massive fan of Harry Potter! Naturally then, when I saw the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and the shade Diva, all I could think of was Slytherin (okay so maybe not naturally but with all the Harry Potter films on recently you can see why it would pop into my mind). So doing my makeup today I couldn’t resist doing a Slytherin inspired look, even though my house is Gryffindor, but I hope you like it!


The palette and brushes I used:IMG_6150.JPG

Here’s how to recreate it:

  1. Prime your eyes! I always use Mac Soft Oaker paint pot, but whatever you have to hand is fine.Β fullsizeoutput_396.jpeg
  2. Set the primer with a natural eyeshadow using a fluffy brush (I used Silk Creme for the palette and a Zoeva 228 brush).
  3. Start blending Silk Creme into the crease using the same brush. Swipe the shade back and forth from the inner to outer corner along the crease.Β fullsizeoutput_3a4.jpeg
  4. Taking the same 228 I blended Pooter into the crease, again back and forth from the inner to outer corner.fullsizeoutput_3ba.jpeg
  5. Then I picked up some of the shade Enchanted (which I am obsessed with) and drew a diagonal line from the outer corner upwards, creating the sharp outer V you want. The best brush for this that I have is a Zoeva 230, but it is basically a pencil brush.Β fullsizeoutput_3d1.jpeg
  6. I then used the same brush and shade and drew a line along the crease and started to blend out with a blending brush (I used Sigma E25).fullsizeoutput_3d2.jpeg
  7. I then retook the small pencil brush and used it to pat Enchanted into the inner corner, blending towards the middle of eye. This should then mean you have our outer and inner corner with the shade enchanted, with the centre of the eye still bare.fullsizeoutput_3d3.jpeg
  8. I then blended Abyss into the outer and inner corner, mirroring where I placed enchanted to create more depth.fullsizeoutput_3d4.jpeg
  9. In the centre of the eye, using my finger (technical I know), I placed the shade Diva, which is my favourite shade in the palette. I then used the pencil brush with the left over enchanted and abyss on it to blend the edges of Diva, making sure the makeup looked smooth.fullsizeoutput_3d5.jpeg
  10. Just to create more depth to the eye I placed a small amount of beam over the very centre of Diva in the middle of the eye.Β fullsizeoutput_3d7.jpeg
  11. Under the eye I used the pencil brush to blend enchanted, making your eyes pop even more!
  12. Finally for the actual eye makeup, I took the shade beam and a small flat brush (Zoeva 237) and placed the shade in the tear duct and under the brow bone for that highlight!fullsizeoutput_3d8.jpeg
  13. Then add mascara and lashes of your choice (mine are Tatti lashes TL4).Β fullsizeoutput_31b

So I hope you like this look and are able to recreate it (tag me in your recreations please, I would LOVE to see them)! Make sure to check out my Instagram (@kirstyslifeblog) for more photos of this look. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will answer them for you. I hope you’re all having a brilliant Saturday. Love, Kirsty ox

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