The blind leading the blind (poem)

Hullo lovelies,

I’m knackered today (potentially because I had so much energy earlier I ended up jumping around) so it’s a poem I wrote on the train to Newcastle! I’m always interested to know what you think of my poetry, I’ve never done English Literature in my life so it’s just what I feel! Hope you had a LOVELY day! πŸ’•

I’m always asked

‘How are you always so happy?’


I’m not.

But I believe,

We have to stop focusing on the bad

Beating ourselves up

Or letting others put us down,

Pining over someone who’s not coming back.

We have to start seeing the good,

Rather than the bad and the ugly.

Yes, Some days it’s hard.

The hardest task in the world is to carry on,

It’s hard to smile and get up

But you have to try

Because you matter and so does that beautiful smile.

~the blind leading the blind


Kirsty ox

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