Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Review

Hullo lovelies!

I apologise that it has been a whole week since I’ve written anything! It’s been a very tough week, but that’s still not an excuse – I need to work harder at this! So what do you lovely people get for waiting so long? Today is a review! I bet everyone has seen all the commotion over the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. Is the palette worth the rave reviews then? A B S O L U T E L Y. Honestly – it is one of my favourite, if not THE favourite, palette I own. In the palette there are 35 shades and it retails for around £37 (recently restocked on beauty bay available here: I’ll list the shades (taken from beauty bay) and link to ingredients below so you can see for yourselves, but the main ingredient is, of course, talc. I think what has impressed me so much about this palette is that the mattes are just as good as the shimmers, which I find rarely happens. Also there are so many mattes to choose from, you can create warm and cool toned looks easily. The shimmers are also DIVINE, I am obsessed with Diva (they say blue/grey I would say green/grey, bottom row third shade) and Faint (a beautiful light pink, top row fifth colour). If you’re going to buy one palette with everything in this should be it – the value for money is extraordinary! Especially considering that the pigmentation is to die for and the colours are beautiful. I would recommend this palette to beginners and pros. Even if you don’t like bright colours there are enough other shades for you to still get your value for money! Do you have this palette? What do you think? Let me know! Here are some of the looks I’ve done with it so far:

Kirsty rating: 5 stars and well deserved!

Love, Kirsty ox


  • Enlight – Cream.
  • Beam – An off white.
  • Silk Crème – Light beige.
  • M.F.E.O –Tan.
  • Faint – Shimmering beige.
  • Sissy – Salmon pink.
  • Little Lady – A bronzed pink.
  • Creamsicle – Bright yellow.
  • Butter – Deep yellow.
  • Pooter – Medium brown.
  • Pukey – A brown toned yellow.
  • Hunts – Burnt orange.
  • Firework – Shimmering orange.
  • Queen – Shimmering gold.
  • Obsessed – Shimmering champagne.
  • S.B.N – Shimmering light brown.
  • Hillster – Shimmering orange brown.
  • Roxanne – Orange.
  • Jacz – Auburn.
  • Buns – Pale brown.
  • Cranapple – Shimmering brown toned orange.
  • Royalty – Shimmering dark purple.
  • Twerk – Dark shimmering navy.
  • Hustle – Shimmering beige.
  • Meeks – Shimmering bronze.
  • 24/7 – Shimmering brown.
  • Chip – Chocolate brown.
  • Mocha – Light brown.
  • Pool Party – Shimmering aqua.
  • Jada – Teal.
  • Diva – A shimmering blue grey.
  • Enchanted – Charcoal.
  • Central Park – Dark brown.
  • Soda Pop – Deep brown/black.
  • Abyss – Black.

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