Day and Night

Hullo lovelies!

I cannot believe it is Sunday again! And you all know what that means on my blog – poetry! The other evening I just couldn’t stop writing poems, so I’m going to share two today. I hope you had a lovely week and the next one is as wonderful as you all.

~ Life

The days were as bright,

as the light in your eyes.

The nights were as dark,

as the mascara that stained my cheeks.

You all have to let me know if you like either of them or which you like better!

~Starry skies

You are the moon.

I am the stars.

You ebb and wane.

While I shine on.

The second one was inspired (surprisingly) by my love for the stars – it’s one of my dreams to go star gazing in a country like Norway where the sky is clearer! Does anyone else loveeee to travel?

Love, Kirsty ox

The image is taken from Google and is Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ (which I adore).

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