First impressions – ABH Prism

Hullo lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. I have to say that mine was pretty exciting as when I got my post this morning my beautybay parcel was there. Part of this parcel was Prism by Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I did a look with earlier today. For agesssss I’ve had my eye on Subculture because I love the colours in it and I love Modern Renaissance. But the reviews have put me off buying it until now and yesterday I was re-looking at it on Beaytybay when I spotted Prism had Β£10 off!!!! I saw Prism online and in store at Sephora in France and at the time I did not like the colours at all. I thought the shades unflattering and unwearable but I am pleased to say I was SO wrong, so so so wrong. The shades are completely wearable and flattering. In case you haven’t seen the palette here is a photo of it:


Before using this palette I was a little nervous as I have read some reviews comparing it to Subculture and saying that they are both hard to blend and have a lot of fallout, plus kickback etc. I’ll start by saying that yes this is not a palette for beginners because it is harder to blend than other palettes (a great beginners palette is Morphe x Jaclyn Hill which I also have a review of) but I wouldn’t expect it to be a beginners palette with the colours in it. Also, I found that out of the shades I tried today, only Obsidian and Sphere were harder to blend out but with a little more time they look really nice. The colour pay off was also very good, asides from in Sphere but I was very glad of this because I would rather build up a colour as vivid as that than have it immediately very bright. The eyeshadows built up beautifully as well so that was great.

However, my favourite thing about the palette has to be the glitters/shimmers! They are STUNNING! In texture they remind me a lot of the Huda Beauty glitters in the Textured Rose Gold palette, so a thicker glitter texture rather than a shimmer eyeshadow, and they look amazing on the eye. My favourite at the moment is Eternal but that might change after I try Throne! I also would like to appreciate the packing, which I think is beautiful.IMG_6901

So overall my first impressions of Prism are very good, especially with Β£10 off! I’ll write a more detailed review of it after I have played some more with it and how it wears (which is another concern I’ve seen raised). This is the look I did today with it, showing that the colours can be very wearable! (For more of my looks check out my Instagram: @kirstyslifeblog).fullsizeoutput_575

What do you all think of Prism? Are the colours too much for you to buy? If you have it do you like it? Let me know!

Love, Kirsty ox



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