‘Society rules’ a poem πŸ’™

Hullo lovelies!

Do you know what I love? Writing poems! Do you know what day it is? That’s right it’s Sundays and you all know what that means! Poem day!!!! Now, you know when I said I’d written loads of poems for you the other day, I had. But I, um, may have left them in England (I’m in Spain!). BUT because I love writing poetry and it’s Sunday here is a poem for you all that I composed today! I hope you enjoy! πŸ’™ Thank you all for the love as well, it means the world.

I don’t often cry,

Because emotions aren’t attractive.

I don’t talk about when I’m sad,

Because I don’t want to be dramatic.

I beat myself up for no reason,

Because we are taught to hate ourselves.

I overthink everything,

Because it’s easier to look for the bad.

I wonder if you even care,

Because I allow you to rule me.

So I throw myself into the arts

Because there I can be who I want to be

I can be emotional

I can be dramatic

I can love myself

I can care for you

Because there is no right

And the only wrong is what is done by society to us.

~ society rules

So I hope that gives you something to think about and that you like it! You can tell I’m in a reflective mood today! Hope you’ve had the best Sunday πŸ’™

Love, Kirsty ox

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