Makeup eraser review

Hullo lovelies!!

Today I was in Sephora and they had a sale on!!!!! I was soooooo excited because makeup cheaper is always amazing, am I right??? In my browsing (after dragging my eyes away from the Too Faced Gold palette which is DIVINE) I spotted (for €10 not €12,50) a cracker with three mini makeup erasers. Now, I don’t know about you all, but for me the idea of a cloth that erases all my makeup quickly is bliss! It would mean no more wipes that are killing the environment or micellar water that costs so much money and always seems to ruin my skin 😦 So despite my ‘I’m not buying anything at the moment’ rule I had to pick them up to review. Every time I see them I’m skeptical about what they’ll be like and if they really work, plus I always consider buying one, so it was so nice to try them!

This was what was in the box – three mini makeup eraser clothes. In order to use one you have to wet it. So, rather eager to try it out, I opened one (I decided on a red one cause I don’t want to ruin the white one already!).

This is what it looks like opened up and I wet it with warm water as instructed! This was me with my makeup on (after 11 hours I hasten to point out).

Then I washed my face once with the cloth

You can see that the cloth took off a fair promotion of my makeup after one rub everywhere. The cloth definitely performed well with face makeup, eye makeup was more of an issue, however. Although of course that is to be expected. After another rub round and, paying particular attention to my eyes, my makeup was off! In my opinion there is a lot of good things about this product – it’s reusable being the main one! Also it didn’t make my skin feel oily or particularly dry, and I have sensitive dry skin and it didn’t react to it! On the other side of a cloth is an exfoliator too which is always nice to have.

The cons are that I think bacteria will build up pretty fast on the cloth which is bad if you do have acne or spots! This is something I always worry about, so you’d have to regularly clean it. The only other thing really is that it isn’t much faster to take off than using a wipe or micellar water, it’s not a quick solution! I think €10 for three minis is good value, €17 for a big one is quite steep but it is reusable if you don’t mind the initial cost! So there you have it! I finally got one and reviewed it! Let me know what you think, do you have one? Would you be tempted to buy one? Hope you’re all well my angels!

Love, Kirsty ox

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