Integrity πŸ₯€

Hullo loves!!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! Personally, in the words of Dayana, mine was so lovely! I have some amazing friends in Madrid this term and so many exciting things planned (e.g. I’m going to tutor a bundle of joy English through Spanish and she’s going to tutor me Mandarin)! Butttt you all know what Sunday means! Poem day 😍😍😍 Today was about facing another part of my journey and I found this really difficult to write and think about, but you have to recognise things to work through them! I hope you all have a lovely next week, everyday is a gift! Yep, even Monday! πŸ’›


Most days are good days

And then you hit a bad one

And it’s like the whole world crashes down

I remember that I’m not cool

And I’ll never fit in

That people think my positivity is odd

And it hurts more than you can know

That I was never cool enough for you

And not even as a friend

Cause I’m too enthusiastic

And I’ll throw myself into everything

And I want to help everybody I can

But this comes at a price

I’ll never be like everybody else

Sometimes people laugh at me

And the pain when it’s even your family

And some days it’s so hard

I never cared until I met you

And I just wanted you to like me

And when I had it thrown in my face

It broke me and I knew I had to get away

But now I’ll never be the same

As part of me wants to leave the uncool and enthusiastic girl behind

The girl who lights up so many worlds

Instead, I want to be someone you’d like

And who is cool and beautiful

And people admire

But I don’t think I can be that if it means compromising my integrity

So I’ll just have to be me

And accept that people like you

Will never be friends with people like me

Love, Kirsty ox

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