I make mistakes

Hullo loves!!!!

Ahhhh I’ve been thinking (amazing I know), and you know when something just hits you and you realise that you’ve been too self obsessed of late. Sometimes I majorly let my pride get in the way, and when it comes to people who need your support never let pride get in the way. If they don’t reply to you at least you’ve tried your best and they know that you’re there if they need you! With the people I care about the most I often let my pride get in the way, it’s not the first time I’ve made this mistake and I should have learnt when I was younger. So this poem is an apology – to the people I should have been there for more in my life (particularly my mum in the past and friends in the present), and a promise not to let my pride get in the way and be less self obsessed. It’s better to have your pride hurt than for another person to be hurting alone ❀️

~Not my first mistake

I have to apologise.

Sometimes I speak before I think

And you mean the world to me

So it’s even worse.

I didn’t stop to consider

That your head is a mess

And you’re working through stuff

While trying to play it cool.

And I just want you to know

That I’m always here

If you want to talk

Or for a hug

Or just some teasing

And that will never change.

It could be the stupidest thing

Or we could figure the world out

Or just talk about you

But I’m here for all that

And I’m sorry I failed you.

Normally it’s so easy to talk to people

But it’s never been with you.

Even so, I just want you to know

That you’re beautiful in every way,

And I made mistakes

I was too focused on me,

Not on you, the one who needs me.

I never learnt how to ask if you’re okay

So I apologise

And I’m here for you

No matter when

I’ll be there to hold you tight.

Love, Kirsty ox

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