Jamsu makeup trick review

Hullo lovelies!

I hope you’re all well and have had an amazing week! If you keep up with my blog then I had a good one despite being on my own ahaha!

But enough of that, this is an important post! I was scrolling through Facebook when an ad came up. Now I would normally ignore them but this one caught my attention straight away. It was a video about the Korean beauty trick called Jamsu. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is the trend of covering your face with powder, after you’ve done your skin makeup, and then dunking it in water!!!! I always thought this was a crazy idea, after all how could water help keep your makeup on. However, this video I watched, the girl did it and claimed it worked and that’s when I knew I had to put it to the test.

So, not wanting to ruin my makeup and not have time to redo it, I decided to try at the end of the day. Although the idea is that you only do this with your skin makeup, not after you have a full face on. So, the first thing I did was take my Cody Air Spun powder and cover my entire face in powder (as this was at the end of the day I also applied it to my eyelids and lips to see what happens to your eyes as well. This left me looking….. interesting as well as my clothes covered in powder.

Then I filled my sink with cold water, contemplating if I was actually going to attempt this. After this brief contemplation I dunked my head in the cold water ~ I have dry skin so I kept my head in for 25 seconds, if you have combo skin, normal skin or oily skin the advice is 30 seconds. After being submerged in icy water, I withdrew my head, grabbed a towel and gently patted my face, before turning to the mirror. That was when I realised, with amazement, that my skin looked FLAWLESS and matte. Now I don’t Day this lightly, i love my foundation to be matte and so I have very high standards for mattification, but it actually worked and made my skin sooooo smooth! My advice, however, is definitely don’t do it with eyemakeup on as, although it didn’t run thanks to the powder I put on, it took away all the shimmer on my eyelids and the highlighter on face. Therefore, I would definitely recommend doing this, but just with foundation applied I think for the best results! But in all honestly I was astounded that this really works, you’ll have to try it for yourselves to see!

So that’s it for today!!! I hope you have a wonderful week and let me know if you try this (I apologise for the awful photos of myself but I wanted you to see how matte it is)!

Love, Kirsty ox

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