Which eyeshadow palettes and shades are best for your eye colour? πŸ‘πŸ’œ

Hello lovelies!!!

I hope you’re all well and are having a wonderful week! This post had been a long time in the making! For agesssss I’ve been wanting to right about what colour eyeshadows suit each eye colour, while giving examples of palettes that will be good for every budget and each eye colour! So let’s get started!

Blue eyes ~ the recommended shades to really make those beautiful blue eyes pop are as follows, oranges, peaches, browns. I find that an orange and brown smokey eye combined with blue eyes is breathtaking! Palettes that I would recommend for blue eyes are: 1) Morphe 15D, 2) Mac Warm Neutrals, 3) Too Faced Sweet Peach, 4) Revolution Ultra, 5) Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts.

Hazel eyes ~ well aren’t you lucky having Hazel eyes, they’re so pretty! A truly versatile eye colour to make them pop you can choose from gold, cream, dark green, brown, purple! I think gold looks stunning with Hazel eyes to bring out the yellow tints and green hue! Palettes i would recommend: 1) Marc Jacobs Edgitorial, 2) Urban Decay Naked original, 3) Revolution fortune favours the brave, 4) Morphe 35R, 5) too faced chocolate bar.

Brown Eyes ~ the sultry and stunning brown eyes!!!! Brown eyes go with lots of colours but in order to bring them out to their full effect, try shades like purple, green, gold, navy! I personally think purple is so beautiful with brown eyes! The kind of palette I think you should get are: 1) Morphe 35P (of course), 2) Natasha Denona palette 28 (this is reallllly pricey though so definitely not for a budget), 3) Dior 208, 4) Hourglass colourfield, 5) Stila Eyes are the window.

Grey Eyes ~ my sister has grey eyes and I’m honestly so jealous, they’re sooooo beautiful and rare! To make grey eyes stand out colours that really work are, lavender, plum, orange, red. Palettes for grey eyes include: 1) Morphe 35P (okay lavender eyeshadow is difficult to find), 2) ABH modern Renaissance, 3) violet voss hashtag, 4) too faced everything nice, 5) Laura mercier artist palette.

Green ~ ahhhhh and this is where I really know my stuff because I too have green eyes! I’ve found that reds, pinks and purples are definitely the best for green eyes ~ if I’m late and I don’t really have time to do proper eyeshadow but what my eyes to stand out just using one shade that’s red or pink works wonders. If you’re brace enough red and pink eyeshadow will change your life if you have green eyes, the redder my eyeshadow the more compliments I get on my eye colour! Palettes for green eyes are: 1) Urban Decay Naked 3 (my go to I have NO time palette), 2) Morphe x Jaclyn hill, 3) ABH modern Renaissance, 4) Jeffree star Androgyny, 5) urban decay Naked Heat, 6) tarte in bloom.


Examples of red making my green eyes POP.

A general tip for anyone with light eyes is that smokey eyes and dark shadows really really make your eyes pop, so I would recommend trying a smokey eye out (maybe including some of the above colours)! I hope this was helpful and let me know if you want more palette suggestions or what palettes you like for your eye shades!

Love, Kirsty ox

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